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Research Design

Research Design

An efficient research requires a framework, covering all the needs of the client and reaching out to the right audience. With our expertise and experience we empower key business decision makers to fulfill their objectives. With our wide range of services from qualitative research to cultural insights to F2F surveys we deliver the best strategy for our clients. Our approach combines active listening at every touchpoint with sophisticated analytical techniques to bring the voice of the customer into the heart of your

Qualitative Research

Great qualitative market research begins and ends with putting empathy to work. That’s why our experts focus on people over products, tapping into a diversity of viewpoints and candid conversations to find the hidden patterns that explain your customers’ motivations. We’ll gather influencers around a campfire or shop alongside rowdy groups of teens– whatever it takes to capture your audience in their element. We connect with people and tell their stories in a way that fosters empathy, fuels strategic plans,

Customer Segmentation

Great customer segmentation frameworks drive strategy across your organization, from messaging and media planning to product development and innovation. Done right, customer segmentations have the power to completely transform the way you do business and drive revenue. Our Segmentation Journey is a process that provides a clear portrait of your target customer(s) and an equally well-defined plan for activation. Our approach starts with rigorous research, adds compelling storytelling and continues through back-end business integration. From comprehensive global segmentations that span

Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Your customers are more empowered than ever before. And thanks to technology, they’re able to interact with your brand via endless channels. This is fantastic news in terms of marketing reach, but it vastly complicates the standard shopper journey map. We help companies navigate this shift by capturing– and uncomplicating– the interlaced paths shoppers take along their purchase journey. Our comprehensive approach produces a consumer journey map, patient journey map, or user journey map that more accurately reflects the shopper

Communication Strategy

From targeted studies to global campaigns, our strategy helps companies and PR agencies find thought-provoking, newsworthy hooks and craft ownable narratives for media and sales outreach. With roots in journalism and 15 years of experience garnering media impressions for the world’s most iconic brands, we’re the industry experts in using public pr surveys, pr polling, omnibus surveys, and branded content to build thought leadership and make your brand the center of attention.   Our communication strategies are the critical piece bridging the

Cultural Insights

Culture Insights

Research is often used to dissect and understand the past. We think it’s more interesting and useful to think about where things are heading. Our Cultural Insights team focuses on what’s next – analyzing trends, competitive environments, and branded communication to source new ideas and predict cultural movements before they become mainstream. Whether your job is to design a cutting-edge package for your product or create an innovation pipeline for your food brand, our Cultural Insights experts can provide the

B2B Surveys

With our distinctive understanding of the questions to ask, the people to talk to and the decisions that need to be taken we design surveys to fulfill the needs of our clients.   We help you build, publish and manage surveys (online and offline) with professional research management to suit your strategic needs. We offer customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, feedback and employee satisfaction/engagement surveys to B2B companies. Our survey services include questionnaire writing, survey hosting on apt survey tool, database segmentation and

Growth Strategy

The race for growth in today’s economy is characterised by increasing competition from direct and indirect players as a consequence of economic slowdown and the entrance of unknown, smaller players. Greater market volatility and uncertainty is also making it harder for companies to look beyond a 3-year span.   Our competency in Market Landscape, competition analysis, customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, qualitative and quantitative research enables us to deliver top notch growth strategy.