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Cultural Insights

Culture Insights

Research is often used to dissect and understand the past. We think it’s more interesting and useful to think about where things are heading. Our Cultural Insights team focuses on what’s next – analyzing trends, competitive environments, and branded communication to source new ideas and predict cultural movements before they become mainstream. Whether your job is to design a cutting-edge package for your product or create an innovation pipeline for your food brand, our Cultural Insights experts can provide the

Growth Strategy

The race for growth in today’s economy is characterised by increasing competition from direct and indirect players as a consequence of economic slowdown and the entrance of unknown, smaller players. Greater market volatility and uncertainty is also making it harder for companies to look beyond a 3-year span.   Our competency in Market Landscape, competition analysis, customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, qualitative and quantitative research enables us to deliver top notch growth strategy.