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Hispanic – Lifestyle Satisfaction Survey

Elicit Research has been a strong leader within the online Market Research industry since 2013 serving client across the Globe. Our team consists of marketing and IT specialists, statisticians, sociologists and economists. We have built our very own US Hispanic proprietary panel, which is comprised of 122,000+ Acculturated/ Unacculturated/ Spanish Dominant Panelists and is increasing in growth adding approximately 800n- 1000n more US Hispanics each quarter. Most omnibus platforms ask questions and get answers. And that’s fine, but the Elicit Research


The current COVID-19 pandemic situation in the U.S.A is indeed alarming. As the mortality rate is hitting the stratosphere and there is a lack of proactive attempts from the government to adopt an iron hand, it is not just the financial crisis that’s affecting the average American family. What the situation has surmounted is a possible case of acute mental health breakdown of the States’ extensive populous across all age groups. This is a statistical analysis of the impact of