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Hispanic – Lifestyle Satisfaction Survey

//Hispanic – Lifestyle Satisfaction Survey

Elicit Research has been a strong leader within the online Market Research industry since 2013 serving client across the Globe. Our team consists of marketing and IT specialists, statisticians, sociologists and economists.

We have built our very own US Hispanic proprietary panel, which is comprised of 122,000+ Acculturated/ Unacculturated/ Spanish Dominant Panelists and is increasing in growth adding approximately 800n- 1000n more US Hispanics each quarter.

Most omnibus platforms ask questions and get answers. And that’s fine, but the Elicit Research Omnibus goes one important step further… it not only helps our clients answer questions about consumers, but also compares those responses to the General Market population as a whole… making it the only omnibus of its kind available in the market.

Elicit Research gives inventive online surveying solutions for organizations hoping to comprehend the U.S. Hispanic consumers. We spend significant time in looking into the U.S. Hispanic segment and other difficult to-arrive at customers so as to convey top notch research to our patrons that carry significant and important outcomes.


Survey Method

Screening Measures


Sample Size



Elicit Research Online Omnibus Self-administered Survey.

Age: 18 to 64 years of age
Gender: 50% Males; 50% Females
Hispanics: self identify as Hispanic origin
Non-Hispanics: self identify as Non-Hispanic origin

• Age
• Gender
• Region
• Primary language spoken at home (Hispanics only)

N = 650 Hispanics
N = 350 Non-Hispanics

US – Nationwide

December 2019

➢ This Omnibus survey was designed using Descriptive method for quantitative research where we used Online Self-
administered Survey to collect the opinions of respondents.
➢ The survey was conducted by Elicit Research LLC during December 2019 – January 2020 both in English and Spanish
languages using internal sources.
➢ Audience across the whole USA were targeted for this survey aiming to collect responses from both Hispanic and Non-
Hispanic population to know the satisfaction levels in their daily lifestyle.
➢ To ensure sample consistency and market representation, quotas were set based on: Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Region,
and Annual Household Income.
➢ Using the methods stated above, consider survey margin of error as +/-3.5% at 95% confidence level.
➢ The audience were asked quick questions on their level of satisfaction in daily lifestyle tasks and their childhood’s
defining events and opinions.
➢ Responses were taken to draw a conclusion on the general trend in audience’s overall lifestyle which includes their
situations with physical health, social life, career, education, family life, spiritual life, emotional health and financial
➢ Respondents were asked to rate their level of satisfaction on various aspects of life like Finance, Physical Health, Social
life, Career, Education etc.
➢ Respondents were likewise given the choices on what was genuine considering their youth whether they lived with
their parents, or they were the lone youngster etc.


➢ Hispanics among age group of 18-34 YO and 55-65 YO are more active online than the non-Hispanics in the same age
➢ Income distribution is almost similar between Hispanics and non-Hispanics.
➢ Both Hispanics and Non-Hispanics found majorly in “Customer Service” job role.
➢ Life satisfaction is high among all groups of Hispanics—young as well as old.
➢ Population density of Hispanics is high in South (41%) and West (36%) regions; however, non-Hispanics population
density is high in Midwest (20%), South (44%) and West (24%) regions.
➢ Almost same trend among the life priorities between Hispanics and non-Hispanics population.
➢ Career related priority is approximately similar in both Hispanics (71%) and Non-Hispanics (72%).
➢ Priority given to families is similar in both Hispanics and non-Hispanics.
➢ Optimism about the future is also high among Hispanics.
➢ Hispanics says they are very or mostly satisfied with their lives overall.

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