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Paid market research not only gives participants the opportunity to earn some extra money but also allows you to voice your opinion on everyday goods, services and brands. Your feedback is vital in ensuring these businesses retain their competitive edge and keep their heads above water.Different types of paid market research are Focus Groups, Online Focus Groups, Market Research Online Communities, Ethnography, Online Surveys.
Our market research sessions are led by professionals with years of industry experience and when it comes to personal information, never fear, your data is always in safe hands.
Register online for market research through our website and you will be responsible for providing these brands with invaluable information that will make their services or products better.

Incentives vary for each study, it can be cash, cheque, bank transfer or gift certificates. We’ll let you know as early on in the process as we can what form the incentive will take. See below for when you can expect your incentive:

Cash – On the day
Cheque and Bank Transfer – Up to 2 weeks
e-Gift card – Up to 3 Weeks

When we receive a request for research, we draw participants from our database based on the criteria for the project. If you are within this selection, you will be emailed brief details of when, where, and for how long, and invited to complete a screening questionnaire. If you do meet the screening criteria, we will then contact you and invite you to participate. We sometimes get too many people that qualify so completing the questionnaire doesn’t necessarily mean we can fit you at this time. If you are able to participate, your attendance will be confirmed by email immediately and again 24 hours before the actual event. You will need to be present for the research at least 10 minutes before the appointed start time. This is very important as if you are late it is likely that you will not be admitted therefore not receive your anticipated payment.

You can trust us to keep your personal details safe and free from any external parties. The information you provide us will be strictly used by us for research purposes only. We base our business on two valuable concepts, trust and quality. we go to great lengths to ensure all the details disclosed by our registered participants remain strictly confidential. So register with confidence for our paid market research in the knowledge that your personal information is safe. It remains between you and us.
Please contact our customer service team here if you have any questions regarding our market research recruitment services.