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Customer Journey

Your customers are more empowered than ever before. And thanks to technology, they’re able to interact with your brand via endless channels. This is fantastic news in terms of marketing reach, but it vastly complicates the standard shopper journey map. We help companies navigate this shift by capturing– and uncomplicating– the interlaced paths shoppers take along their purchase journey. Our comprehensive approach produces a consumer journey map, patient journey map, or user journey map that more accurately reflects the shopper journey of today, and highlights opportunities to improve customer experience throughout all of your brand’s touchpoints. In a clear and compelling format, our Customer Journey Maps capture the critical points in your customers’ decision-making process and your opportunity to influence those decisions.


It can be difficult to capture and map the complexities of today’s typical path to purchase, because there’s nothing “typical” about it. Keeping to the traditional research model for path to purchase is no longer an option, because it doesn’t paint a complete picture of the varied journeys a consumer may realistically take. But abandoning the model entirely isn’t the solution, either. We believe in a differentiated customer journey mapping philosophy based on key shifts in the landscape, integrating existing knowledge with newer techniques (like social listening) to give our clients a complete and accurate picture of the customer journey.

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