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Research is often used to dissect and understand the past. We think it’s more interesting and useful to think about where things are heading. Our Cultural Insights team focuses on what’s next – analyzing trends, competitive environments, and branded communication to source new ideas and predict cultural movements before they become mainstream. Whether your job is to design a cutting-edge package for your product or create an innovation pipeline for your food brand, our Cultural Insights experts can provide the inspiration for that next masterful idea.


The last decade has produced some of the most salient trends and cultural shifts to date, augmented by the advancement of technology, the booming state of social media and the expansion of the global sharing economy. The result is an increasingly fast-paced marketplace that leaves brands unsure of how to keep up with trends and cultural shifts. Marketers today are faced with hard-hitting questions around how to best use consumer insights to tap into these shifts today to maintain relevancy for tomorrow.

Marrying numbers with Cultural Insight, and taking the time to understand what is driving and influencing those results, differentiates truly culturally immersed brands from those who fail to be a part of the cultural conversation.

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