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Hispanic – Lifestyle Satisfaction Survey

Elicit Research has been a strong leader within the online Market Research industry since 2013 serving client across the Globe. Our team consists of marketing and IT specialists, statisticians, sociologists and economists. We have built our very own US Hispanic proprietary panel, which is comprised of 122,000+ Acculturated/ Unacculturated/ Spanish Dominant Panelists and is increasing in growth adding approximately 800n- 1000n more US Hispanics each quarter. Most omnibus platforms ask questions and get answers. And that’s fine, but the Elicit Research


The current COVID-19 pandemic situation in the U.S.A is indeed alarming. As the mortality rate is hitting the stratosphere and there is a lack of proactive attempts from the government to adopt an iron hand, it is not just the financial crisis that’s affecting the average American family. What the situation has surmounted is a possible case of acute mental health breakdown of the States’ extensive populous across all age groups. This is a statistical analysis of the impact of

Survey Programming

Elicit offers easy, effective survey programming solutions so you can focus on results. Our consultative approach and global support guides you through the entire survey process including: review and consultation on questionnaire design, survey programming, translation, and data processing. By utilizing automation, dashboards, real-time reporting, and mobile optimization, our experienced team of Survey Programmers and Project Managers are able to provide you with an integrated approach for realizing the best results from and interpretation of the highest quality research. Our survey

Registration Process

We have been working with clients in different countries to recruit respondents and help complete research projects. We help create, recruit and manage online marketing and market research databases, with specialisation in custom panels and online communities.

The power of your opinions

When you become a survey panellist with us, the results of our combined efforts end up with a business’s decision committee who then will take all the opinions that have been submitted honestly and a new product or service will be born. In a way, you will be empowering world’s biggest business decision makers to shape the future of their next product and innovation.


As a member, you’ll be rewarded with points for taking online surveys. With your points you’ll be able to redeem from our range of popular brand vouchers. You’ll need to complete a few details in our join form and we’ll send you an email to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you’ll have full access to our site and start to receive online surveys in your inbox.

Online Panels

The ability to build and maintain a high-quality sample is critical to any Market Research or panel business. Panels are a highly valuable asset. When they are managed well, panelists feel that they are treated as individuals, enhancing engagement and generating greater value.

Focus Groups

Foster authentic connections with a holistic understanding of your customer. The most effective consumer insights sessions are anything but traditional. We believe digital focus groups should be imaginative discussions and we design our groups to maximize creativity and ideation at every turn. Our branded platform offers digital tools that enable traditional focus group exercises like prioritization, concept sorting, and polling in a digital setting. Teams can observe and participate from our virtual “backroom.” These digital tools, coupled with our skilled researchers,

Survey Process

We work with you to determine the optimum way to construct each question within the survey and determine the mandatory/optional questions. We can also integrate branching to dig even deeper. Respondents are sent an email requesting that they complete the survey online. The respondent clicks a link that leads directly to the survey. A reminder email is sent a few days prior to the deadline for completion. We then meticulously collect the data and prepare deep analytical reports with actionable

Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking is fundamental to conducting truly actionable market research. Measuring the performance of your business – whether it is customer satisfaction, loyalty, brand equity and so on – at a single point in time is not sufficient. Tracking those performance indicators over time is critical in helping to identify problems at an early stage and nip things in the bud, so that you can continue to grow and improve over the long-term. We have been running tracking studies for our clients,