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Incredible Insights For Connected And Smart Decision Making

We have been empowering key business decision makers through authentic data, intuitive insights and compelling strategies since 2007.

Welcome to ELICIT

We are a consumer insights and strategy consulting firm. We use quantitative and qualitative research to create customer segmentations, drive innovation, deliver brand strategy and compelling communications.

We Translate Your Vision into Action

A company’s ability to drive above-market growth hinges on the depth of its consumer insights and how well it translates those insights into effective action. Our area of work is made up of more than 130 dedicated insights and analytics experts and professionals—with experience in 30+ countries across the world—focused on helping our clients do exactly that.

To develop deep customer understanding, we employ a range of quantitative and qualitative marketing research approaches plus big data techniques that are both innovative and pragmatic.

Fully Automated

AI powered seamless customer experience

Global panel

World wide panelists, refreshed weekly

Scalable models

Geographically diverse, multi lingual B2B & B2C services across industry



We have the global presence and experience necessary to help you capitalize on opportunities in developed and emerging markets.

Our mission is to provide crucial, accurate, and real time market data that delivers maximum impact.

AI powered seamless customer experience creating new opportunities to innovate, operate and execute projects.


Dynamic Panel Selection
Analytic Based Insight
Bespoke Strategies
In-Depth Domain Knowledge

Key USPs

Our prime focus is always the sample quality with the application of best technology in online sample sphere.

In the ever changing world of market research our automated analysis tools help in delivering insights faster and more effectively

Our highly flexible staff capable of adapting to the specific needs of a particular project enables us in meeting the deadlines and minimizing turnaround time

We only accept reports from reliable resources, of which all of them are thoroughly verified by our researchers to prevent any errors or even manipulation of research data

We’ve Been Helping Businesses For Over 20 Years

Our Services

We create a desirable research environment based on the needs of our clients-panel data insights strategy.

Research Design

Creating a step by step blueprints for an efficient & insightful research.

Customer Journey

Improve customer experience at every touchpoint with an accurate snapshot of all the ways shoppers interact with your brand.

Qualitative Research

Uncover deeper motivations and gain a holistic understanding of your customer.

Communication Strategy

Our communications experts craft PR Surveys and omnibus research to position brands as thought leaders and experts in their categories.

B2B Surveys

Building sophisticated custom surveys for the right audience.

Customer Segmentation

Prioritize your customer base and transform how you do business with a clearly defined, actionable segmentation strategy.

Cultural Insights

We’re passionate about understanding culture, and its impact on human beings.

F2F Surveys

Achieve a deeper understanding of your audience through our F2F surveys.

Our Partners

We are committed to help our clients seek out new opportunities and finetune their marketing strategies through the insights and analysis we deliver. To this end, every single piece of research project starts with your marketing issues and goals in mind.

Why Us ?

We’ve made the difference to our clients’ businesses through insights that guide important marketing decisions. Our ambition is to deliver meaningful research.

We know that trust is at the center of every healthy relationship and is the reason world-class brands have been working with us for so many years. To us, it’s about nurturing a partnership that adds value with insights. Insights that matter to your business.

We’re always available to discuss your challenges. be it taking an active interest in your business, asking the right questions, challenging norms, or just taking every effort to understand your business environments to get to the crux of the issue.

We work globally with some of the largest and most innovative brands in the world. By continually delivering quality insights, we’ve built successful, long lasting relationships with our clients.